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A statement of of solidarity against racial injustice from Center 360

In order to eliminate income inequality, Center 360’s vision is that youth will be exposed to various career opportunities to broaden their occupational aspirations and realize their economic potential. To eliminate the income gap, we must also commit ourselves to demanding a more just and equitable system.

We want to take this moment to affirm our dedication to strengthening our organization’s commitment to social and racial justice, and actively working to dismantle the systems of oppression that disproportionately creates income inequality. These systems include but are not limited to: institutionalized racism and white supremacy, classism and structural poverty, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia.

Now more than ever, we are committed to seeing our youth grow to reach their full potential, while not being treated unfairly, due to race or socio-economic background. We stand with our community for unity, justice, and equal treatment for all. 

In solidarity,

The Center 360 Team & Board

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