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"Letting Our Truth Ultimately Shine"

Center 360’s L.O.T.U.S career enrichment program encourages personal development, provides life skills training, and promotes career exposure and development.  The program is based on a holistic approach to addressing career development and re-engaging the youth. The focus is on the health and wellness of our youth, while actively engaging the youth's family, friends, school, faith places, and all the people and places involved in their lives.  


Personal Development

Center 360 strengthens and enhances self-esteem, leadership, social responsibility, and community engagement. Youth learn to address topics such as healthy relationships, managing emotions, interpersonal skills, and making positive life choices.


Life Skills Training

Center 360’s program targets areas such as money management, nutrition, professional etiquette, and time management.


Career Exposure & Development

Center 360 provides hands-on training and applied skills development in the fields of music, arts, athletics, and technology.

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