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2017 End-of-Year Awards and Recognition Ceremony

The 2017 Awards & Recognition Ceremony was brought to you by:

Center 360 Student Committee


Executive Producer - Jayce Coronado-Smith

Director of Operations - Jamariea Patterson

Director of Entertainment - Jationne Edwards

Co-Directors of Hospitality - Jaidah Crowder/Otavia Furniss

Director of Marketing - Javon Crowder


Special Credit to:

Awards Ceremony Emcee - Torrie Ransom 
Curtis Wilson Jr. & Rondey Wood Jr. - Menu Creators/Designers

Yolanda B. Reddick - Guest Speaker

Lala Specific - Performer
Vincene Morris - Center 360 Olympics

Koffee Kup Cafeteria - Dinner Menu Items

Community Culinary School of Charlotte - Dessert Menu Items

Chelby Nett - Awards Ceremony Volunteer

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