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“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.”

 — George Evans



(Music, Arts, Athletics, & Technology) encourages career exposure and development


Center 360's music curriculum provides a unique experience in which young people will explore the varying careers that exist within the music industry. Youth will also learn how to channel their passion for music into their education. The program helps to hone their musical skills and interests, while also developing the skill set to work well with others. We welcome all youth in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County to create a diverse and welcoming culture where self-discipline and mutual respect is key to learning and developing.


Center 360's Arts curriculum is geared towards re-engaging the youth through the arts, as well as reducing truancy by providing arts instruction in various disciplines. Disciplines include visual and performance arts, and the youth will learn the business and entrepreneurial aspects of each area. The program provides youth with a sense of accomplishment, and through the arts, youth are able to open the door to self-reflection and self-expression.


Center 360's Athletics curriculum is uniquely designed to rekindle the youth's commitment to learning using sports. Young people will explore the various careers that exist within sports that goes beyond being a professional athlete. The program teaches the business aspects of the athletics, and ways to use their athletic skills and knowledge to succeed in everything they do, and develop a life-long career.


Center 360's Technology curriculum focuses on technology concepts taught through problem solving, exploratory learning and critical thinking.   Whether a youth is an aspiring coder, app developer, web designer, or just simply enjoy playing video games, spending time on their cell phones, computer or tablet, the program offers hands-on learning and training that encourages technological inquiry, investigation and experimentation.

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