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Dear Center 360 Friends and Family,

While recovering from the impact of COVID, Center 360 needed guidance and leadership and we got just that when Akeliah Stewart stepped into the role of the Executive Director. Since then, the organization has grown, and our programs have expanded to multiple communities and sites in Charlotte. It is bittersweet that Akeliah made the decision to depart from her role as of June 30, 2023. Her leadership made Center 360 a stronger professional organization, and her involvement in the community with the youth, families and partners helped to expand our reach. She will continue to make her imprint on Center 360, as well as making this world a better place through her mentorship and coaching.


We also feel hopeful and energized for our future, as we are pleased to have transferred leadership to Shonya Anderson, our new Executive Director.  We are in the midst of a strong strategic planning process with the help of Shonya, and we have a process in place to form a direction that is thoughtful and good for the entire organization.   


Please continue to read and receive important information during this transitional time, as well as future events and happenings throughout the organization.


If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please reach out to me directly at


With gratitude,

Keisha Hamilton

Keisha Hamilton, Board Chair, Center 360 Board of Directors

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